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Web Design

A website is the mirror of a business and with internet spreading its roots deep into the society the role of website is also becoming more significant. The main purpose of any website is to allure a random visitor into a customer. And to make that conversion, a website has to be effectively and efficiently designed. Every space of a website has to be designed such that the space is used optimally. The placing of tabs and the information has to be perfect and right. Also the color, theme, templates, aesthetics becomes a major factor of any website. A website is one of the best marketing tool and an effective medium to reach to wide range of audience.

With the rise in the number of mobile user, the number of people surfing website have also increased. But since, websites are configured for computers, viewing it in smartphones becomes tough. Hence designers now have to make the website responsive, so as to make it device friendly.

Responsive Website Design

It’s important that your website is designed to be usable across all devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and of course desktops. Our own research demonstrates that about 20% of our clients’ traffic comes from mobile. The old way to address this would be to create a mobile website. This is a separate website that is designed only to be shown to smartphones and tablets. The modern way of tackling this problem is to create what is called a “Responsive Website.” Responsive sites adjust their layout according to how wide or narrow the screen gets.

Landing Page Design

A landing page is designed for a single purpose. Landing pages often focus on a single product, service, or objective such as getting leads. Landing pages are often associated with specific marketing campaigns, in which media and traffic driving efforts direct people to a common page, focused around that campaign. This helps ensure you are creating a personalized user experience. It is quite common for someone to create landing pages for their Paid Search campaigns, like Google AdWords. It’s important to ensure that the content and topic of the ad effectively correlates with the content on the page. Landing Pages help keep user experience focused on the objective you want them to accomplish, rather than drive them to other pages on your site that may distract them. Don’t worry, we make these responsive, too! You can drive people to landing pages on their mobile phone through useful tools like QR Codes, printed on your brochure or business card. It’s important that you capture a user’s attention “above the fold” Above the fold refers to the section of your homepage or landing page that is visible to the user before they scroll down. It’s critical to create a compelling call-to-action and imagery to capture the user’s attention during the first critical moments they land on your site.

Benefits of Responsive Design

Single-purpose website
Works on all devices
Content only needs to be
updated in one place
Industry standard,